Georgetown Executive Airport at Johnny Gantt Field

Resources for Pilots

Read below for the following resources for pilots visiting Georgetown:

Rate schedule

Hangar rentals

A: $925 per month
BB, C, CC, E, & F: $230 per month
D: $800 per month
G: $300 per month
H, I, & J: $325 per month
TT: $400 per month

Tie-down rentals

Tie-downs: $75 per month
Tie-downs (overnight): $5 per night, first night free.  A second night free with fuel purchase.
Here is a link to the Tie-Down page.



Avgas 100LL

Self Service Avgas (100LL) is available 24/7, at two pumps at the Airport Terminal. Check KGTU fuel prices here.
Full-service Avgas (100LL) is available through the FBO.

Jet-A Fuel

Full-service Jet Fuel (Jet-A) is available through the FBO.
The Airport does not have self-serve Jet A fuel.


Air Traffic Control

The Georgetown Executive Airport at Johnny Gantt Field (KGTU) is a towered reliever general aviation airport supporting the flying public in central Texas. We are open 24/7 to all flight activity. During the hours of 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily, all flight operations will be under control of the tower.

Operations outside the Tower Hours are to be conducted using the Fly Friendly Program. We would like to remind all pilots that we are in a Noise Sensitive

Area and would ask that they take that into consideration when operating from Georgetown Executive Airport.

  • Tower frequency is 120.225
  • Ground is 119.125
  • ATIS is 118.6

Before any pedestrian, vehicle, or aircraft is allowed to enter the aircraft movement area (areas are designated on the map here), the GTU Ground must be contacted for permission.

Any vehicle that seeks access to an Aircraft Movement Area must be equipped with a flashing yellow light and an Air Band Transceiver tuned to GTU Ground.

Non-Movement Areas – aprons, helipads, aircraft parking areas, and taxi lanes not under the control of the control tower.

Automated Terminal Information System – ATIS

During the Tower operating hours, pilots will hear the Tower ATIS broadcast. During the hours the Tower is NOT operating the standard AWOS weather broadcast will be transmitted on 118.600

The standard AWOS weather announcement available by telephone at 512-869-3430 will remain the same 24/7.

If you wish to contact the operations personnel for the airport tower, please email


Overnight aircraft parking

The Airport provides aircraft parking spaces for the short-term visitors to Georgetown Executive Airport at Johnny Gantt Field, which are located directly in front of the Airport Terminal on the parking apron.

There are 8 short-term, transient, tie-downs available. The short-term tie-downs are rented for a maximum of seven continuous days at a rental rate of $5 per night. Exceptions to this must be approved, in advance, by the Airport Manager.

The first night for a tie-down is free. A second night is free if fuel is purchased from the City of Georgetown. Follow on nights will be charged at $5 per night.


Ground transportation


Lyft and Uber both offer service in Georgetown and the Austin metro area. Access Lyft or Uber online or via their smartphone apps.

Courtesy Cars

The Georgetown Executive Airport at Johnny Gantt Field has two courtesy cars available for the use of visitors that fly into the airport and require ground transportation into the city of Georgetown. The primary purpose of the courtesy cars is to provide free, complimentary transportation within Williamson County, for a short period of time, to airport visitors for business or pleasure. There is no charge for up to three hours of use.

The cars are available from 7 a.m. until the Terminal closes at 7 p.m., seven days per week. A valid driver’s license is required.

Due to City insurance limitations, the car is not to be driven outside of the Williamson County limits.

We provide fuel for courtesy vehicles and do not require that you put fuel in them.

We are not able to accept reservations. The cars are available on a first come, first served basis only. For more information, please contact the Airport Terminal customer service desk at 512-930-3666.

Rental Cars

Enterprise Rent-A-Car
503 Leander Road,
Georgetown, TX 78626

1400 Old Settlers Blvd,
Round Rock, TX 78664

MacHaik Ford Lincoln Mercury Car and Truck Rental
7201 I-35,
Georgetown TX 78626


Airport facilities

There are a variety of different facilities at the Airport:

Please review the map to find location of airport facilities – Airport Facilities Map


Security Awareness

General Aviation

You should be aware of the two-principle general aviation security objectives following Sept. 11, 2001: Protecting passengers and aircraft from attack and preventing aircraft from being used as weapons directed at sensitive targets on the ground.

It’s Our Airport–Let’s Keep It Secure! Report suspicious activity to 1-866-GA-SECURE (1-866-427-3287) or emergencies to 911.

Be an Active Participant

Watch For:

  • Aircraft with unusual or unauthorized modifications.
  • Pilots who appear to be under the control of other persons.
  • Dangerous weapons or witnessing deadly explosives being loaded onto an aircraft.
  • Persons or vehicles loitering for extended periods in the vicinity of the airport, parked aircraft, and especially people in the airport operations area.
  • Persons with above average interest in aircraft and their performance capabilities.
  • Persons wishing to obtain aircraft without presenting proper credentials.
  • Persons presenting apparently valid credentials but who do not have the corresponding level of aviation knowledge.
  • Any person making threats or statements inconsistent with normal activity at your airport.
  • Anything that appears unusual or does not fit the pattern of lawful, normal activity at your airport.
  • Stolen or missing aircraft.


  • The identity of all aircraft occupants.
  • That all baggage and cargo is known to the occupants.
  • Do Not Hesitate to Act!

If you see something highly dangerous, such as weapons or explosives, being loaded onto an aircraft, or if you believe that a serious crime or even the possibility of an attack is about to occur, notify the Georgetown Police Department AND your nearest FBI office IMMEDIATELY!

Contact Information

  • Emergency: 911
  • Airport Manager: 512-930-3666
  • Georgetown Police (non-emergency): 512-930-3510
  • Williamson County Sheriff’s Office: 512-943-1300
  • Texas Department of Public Safety: 512-930-3115 or 512-997-4100
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation: 512-345-1111 or 210-225-6471
  • Federal Aviation Administration: 817-222-5006
  • Transportation Security Administration (TSA): 866-427-3287


Securing aircraft

Each owner/operator should take steps appropriate to their specific type of aircraft to secure it when unattended.

Aircraft secured

  • Gust Lock is installed.
  • Cabin doors and cargo door are secured and locked.
  • Aircraft is properly tied down and chocked.
  • Prop lock is installed on aircraft that have one.

Hangar Secured

  • Engage security alarm if one is installed.
  • Bi-fold door is bolted and locked.
  • Pedestrian door is closed and locked.

Keys and Lock Combinations Secured

  • Control all padlock and aircraft keys.
  • Protect the combinations of your combination locks.


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