Georgetown Executive Airport at Johnny Gantt Field

Security Awareness

General Aviation

You should be aware of the two principle general aviation security objectives following September 11, 2001: Protecting passengers and aircraft from attack, and preventing aircraft from being used as weapons directed at sensitive targets on the ground.

Be an Active Participant

Watch For:

  • Aircraft with unusual or unauthorized modifications
  • Pilots that appear to be under the control of other persons
  • Dangerous weapons or witnessing deadly explosives being loaded onto an aircraft.
  • Persons or vehicles loitering for extended periods in the vicinity of the airport, parked aircraft and especially people in the airport operations area
  • Persons with above average interest in aircraft and their performance capabilities
  • Persons wishing to obtain aircraft with out presenting proper credentials
  • Persons presenting apparently valid credentials but do not have the corresponding level of aviation knowledge.
  • Any person making threats or statements inconsistent with normal activity at your airport
  • Anything that appears unusual or does not fit the pattern of lawful, normal activity at your airport.
  • Stolen or missing aircraft


  • The identity of all aircraft occupants
  • That all baggage and cargo is known to the occupants.

Do Not Hesitate to Act!

If you see something highly dangerous, such as weapons or explosives, being loaded onto an aircraft; Or if you believe that a serious crime or even the possibility of an attack is about to occur, Notify the Georgetown Police Department AND your nearest FBI office IMMEDIATELY!

Contact Information

  • Emergency: 911
  • Airport Manager: (512) 930-3666
  • Georgetown Police (non-emergency): (512) 930-3510
  • Williamson County Sheriff’s Office: (512) 943-1300
  • Texas Department of Public Safety: (512) 930-3115, (512) 997-4100
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation: (512) 345-1111, (210) 225-6471
  • Federal Aviation Administration: (817) 222-5006
  • Transportation Security Administration (TSA): (866) 427-3287

It’s Our Airport–Let’s Keep It Secure!

Each owner/operator should take steps appropriate to their specific type of aircraft to secure it when unattended.

Aircraft Secured

  • Gust Lock is installed
  • Cabin doors and cargo door are secured and locked
  • Aircraft is properly tied down and chocked
  • Prop lock is installed on aircraft that have one.

Hangar Secured

  • Engage security alarm if one is installed
  • Bi-fold door is bolted and locked
  • Pedestrian door is closed and locked.

Keys and Lock Combinations Secured

  • Control all padlock and aircraft keys
  • Protect the combinations of your combination locks.
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