CARES Act Grant

The airport was awarded $157,000 from the CARES Act of 2020. This money will be used for capital improvements on the airport.

Our first project, using some of our CARES Act grant money, we have purchased solar powered taxiway lights and associated fixtures. These lights will be installed along Taxiways F, M and around the east side of the compass rose. The lights will be activated during the hours of darkness. They are a safety concern, as there were no lights along those taxiways.

Our second project will be to purchase and install a 80 kW generator to provide emergency power for the airfield lighting; lights and signage along the runway and taxiways. This will provide a significant safety improvement if there is ever a loss of electrical power. The emergency generator will also provide power to the Airport Terminal Building. The Air Traffic Control Tower already has it’s own emergency generator.

The last project, will be to purchase and have installed, cattle-guards at both the North and South entry gates to the airport. This will prevent wildlife from entering the airport and staying inside the fence. Again, this is a significant safety concern, and is also part of our Wildlife Hazard Mitigation Plan.

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