Georgetown Executive Airport at Johnny Gantt Field

Airport Users FAQ

Can I purchase fuel after the terminal is closed?

The self-service Avgas pumps are available 24 hours-per-day, 7 days-a-week.  Full service Avgas is available through all the FBOs.

Jet Fuel and AvGas are available at:

  • Aerojet (512) 863-5530
  • GTU JET (512) 869-0900

Are T-Hangar spaces available?

No, but requests will be placed on the waiting list.

Are tie-down spots available at the city terminal?

Yes, please call the Airport Business Coordinator at 512-930-2573.

How do I enter or leave the Airport when the gates close at night?

Slowly approach the gate in your vehicle and the gate will open automatically. If you are walking or riding a bike, the gate will not open. However, to enter or leave the Airport, press the button on the South side of the gate on Terminal Drive.

How can I report low-flying, dangerous, or suspicious flying aircraft?

Call the San Antonio Flight Standards District Office at (800) 292-2023 or the Austin Control Tower at (512) 369-7840 after hours and on weekends.

Are there non-standard traffic patterns at the Airport?

Yes. Runway 29 and Runway 36 are right-hand traffic pattern runways.

Are military helicopter operations allowed at night?

Military helicopter operations are prohibited between the hours of 9 p.m. and 7 a.m. This is a voluntary agreement between the City and the Army. This is to prevent any noise impacts due to the military aircraft. This is annotated in the Chart Supplement found here.

How do the approach lights (PAPI) to runways 18 and 36 operate?

RW – 18: The PAPI operates continuously.

RW – 36: The PAPI operates continuously.

Are there locations at the Terminal building for people to view the airplanes landing and taking off?

Yes, we have picnic tables on the north side of Terminal Drive.  Please make sure that no one, especially children, venture out onto the street.

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