Georgetown Executive Airport at Johnny Gantt Field

Airport Improvement Projects

Future Projects

2022 – Engineering and Design phase for Taxiway A1 Reconstruction.  This is to rehabilitate the taxiway surface.

2023 – FAA Automated Weather Observing System (AWOS) Relocation.  This will move the current weather system to an area away from taxiways and the possibility of damage.

2023 – Construction phase for Taxiway A1 Reconstruction. This is to rehabilitate the taxiway surface.

Current Projects

None at the current time.

Past Projects

2020 – A Taxiway Lighting Project was started in mid January and is slated to be completed by late August. This will provide another level of safety to pilots while moving aircraft on the ground.

2019 – Runway 18/36 had a rehabilitation project to refurbish and renew the runway asphalt. This will extend the lifespan of the runway.

2018 The Airport Master Plan was updated. For more details please visit the  Airport Master Plan Update Page

2016-2017 An improvement project that included construction of a new parallel Taxiway A; a new above ground fuel facility; and removal of obstructions at the end of Runway 11/29.





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